Et Canadisk lokumsrim, et af de bedre:

Passing of the Backhouse
Af James Whitcomb Riley.

When memory keeps me
Company and moves to smile or
A weather-beaten object looms
through the mist of years,
Behind the house and barn it
stood, a half a mile or more,
And hurrying feet a path had
made, straight to its swinging
Its architecture was a type of
simple classic art
But in the tragedy of life it
played a leading part.
And oft the passing traveller
drove slowe and heaved a sigh
To see the modest hired girl slip
out with glances shy.

We had our poesy garden that
the women loved so well;
I loved it too, but better still I
loved the stronger smell
That filled the evening breezes
so full of homely cheer,
And told the night-o`retaken
tramp that human life was

On lazy August afternoons it
made a little bower
Delightful, where my grandsirer
sat and whiled away an hour,
For there the summer mornings,
its very cares entwined
And berry bushes reddened in
the streaming soil behind.

All day fat spiders spun their
webs to catch the buzzing flies
That flitted to and from the
House, where Ma was baking
And once a swarm of hornets
bold had built their place
And stung my unsuspecting Aunt
--I must not tell you where.
My father took a flaming pole ---
that was a happy day –
He nearly burned the building
up, but the hornets left to stay.
When summer bloom began to
fade and winter to carouse,
we banked the little building
with a heap of hemlock boughs.

But when the crust is on the
snow and sullen skies were
Inside the building was no place
where one could wish to stay.
We did our duties promptly,
there one purpose swayed the
We tarried not, nor lingered
long, on what we left behind.
The torture of the icy seat
would make a Spartan sob,
For needs must scrape the flesh
with a lacerating cob,
That from a frost-encrusted nail
suspended from a string—
My father was a frugal man and
wasted not a thing.

When Grandpa had to “go out
Back” and makes his morning
We´d bundle up the dear old
Man with a muffer and a shawl
I knew the hole on which he sat
-- ´twas padded all around,
And once I tried to sit there –
´twas all too wide I found,
My loins were all too little, and
I Jack-knifed there to stay,
They had to come and get me
out, or I´d have passed away,
My father said ambition was a
thing that boys should shun,
And I just used the children´s
hole ´til childhood days were

And still I marvel at the craft
that cut those holes so true,
The baby´s hole, and the slender
hole that fitted Sister Sue,
That dear old country
Landmark; I tramped around a
And in the lap of luxury my lot
has been to sit,
But ere I die I´ll eat the fruits of
trees I robbed of yore,
Then seek the shanty where my
name is carved upon the door.
I ween that old familiar smell
will soothe my jaded soul,
I´m now a man, but none the
less I´ll try the children´s hole.
Historien om "Allsång på Skansen" 2007

Måndagen den 14. augusti 2006

Till SVT och Anders Lundin
Om Allsång på Skansen.

Vi hörde och såg säsonavslutningen, som också bekräftade vad vi bedömt vara Er strävan: att låta unisonsången få större utrymme.
Samfundet för Unison Sång bildades efter unionsupplösningen 1905-1906, för att genom sång verka för at stärka modet och samhörigheten bland svenska folket.
Fröet till begreppet ”allsång” kan vi datera 18. juni 1927. Det var Dagens Nyheters sportschef, David Jonason, som hade varit på fotboll i England och hört något som kallades ”community singing”. En Tävling anordnades av DN där ett bra svenskt ord för denna företeelse efterlystes, och vann gjorde kyrkoherde (sognepræst) Manne Eriksson med ”allsång”.
1935 organiseredes på Skansen de förste allsångskvällarna under ledning av musikdirektören och kantorn Sven Lilja och dessa blev mönsterbildande för allsången inom olika folkrörelser.
På 50-tallet mattades aktiviteten av, och det hele såg ut at tyna bort, men i 195r7 återuppstod allsångenskvällarna igen med hjälp av Sverige Radio och Egon Kjerman. Därefter har Bosse larsson, Lasse Berghagen och nu senast Du, Anders, hållit i trådarna, och evenemangen har samlat deltagere i totalt oanad utsträkning.

De bästa hälsningar,
Birger Källén & Torsten Selén
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